This membership give you a personal trainer, a cycling and running coach, a sports nutrition coach, a mountain bike skills coach, all rolled into one. In addition it connects you to group of like minded athletes to keep you motivated.

Weekly updated content will get help you reach your fitness goals. We’ve got the tools to help you succeed, now it's your turn to make it happen. Join our team. We promise you'll be stoked.

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What you get

[the short version]

Fitness support
   - Daily coaching support from a pro (usually $175+/mo - here it's less than $50!)
Nutrition help
     - The precise nutrition information to make you superhuman
Secrets from the pros
     - Learn the secrets of true success from top athletes
Riding technique
    - Learn techniques that will elevate your riding to a new level
Technique Videos
   - Watch videos to facilitate your skill development
Monthly raffle entries
   - Yep, every suspension perhaps?
Forum access
   - Share, compete, ask questions with the other exclusive members

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What you get

[the full version]


FITNESS AND PERFORMANCE: become the best athlete you can be.

The membership area is the store house of information from professional athletes, coaches and experts in several athletic categories with a predominant focus on mountain biking. Find information about efficient fitness training including workout plans for just about any distance/intensity event you are interested in training for. Not only are there training plans within the membership area but we also give you information on training theory. You will be able to reach Brian daily (weekend exceptions, because he might be out racing!)


CROSS TRAINING: fine tune even the muscles you didn't know you had

Our bodies become accustom to doing the same workouts. Rotating your workouts will make you a more rounded and robust athlete. As a member you will get introduced to athletes in other sports such as rock climbing, parkour, obstacle course racing, back country skiing, white water kayaking and more. Find cross training workouts from other adventure oriented sports. Be ready to step outside the box and enhance your coordination, strength, and mind.


TRAINING THEORY: what does that even mean?

Training theory is the why behind the workouts. 
A few examples include:
1) Learn how your body systems are being (physically) stressed
2) How you stress them with a specific workout as opposed to another
3) Why you would do a specific workout during a specific time of the season

Ever wanted to train like a professional but think it's too hard/time consuming? We show you how without having to quit your day job. Professionals train smart - they have a plan. We will teach you how to train. 


HEATLH & NUTRITION: your secret weapon

From fitness enhancing recipes to specific supplements to bridge your nutrition gaps, we will have your engine humming smoothly.

TrailWorks believes in a holistic approach to health and we are very picky about what we put in our bodies here. It’s a mission of ours to find the most effective supplements of the utmost standards. We do the foot work and research, you reap the benefits.

You will also learn cutting edge tactics for quicker recovery and ultimate performance.


FORUM ACCESS: exclusive access just for members

Use the forum to connect with like minded individuals about training, fitness, nutrition.
Have your questions answered by professional coaches and athletes. 
This is the community resource.


MONTHLY RAFFLE: every month you can win

You’re automatically enrolled in the monthly raffle for the length of your membership. Cool prizes like suspension forks, frames, wheels, supplements, skills clinic sessions, free destination camp entry and much more are only an entry away.


DISCOUNTS: save some cash, get great goodies

TrailWorks members get discounts and the ability to jump to the front of the line when signing up for any mountain bike skills clinic or destination camp we put on!!