The ride anything program is a mountain bike development program focused on enhancing riding skills, knowledge of fitness, training and nutrition. Once you complete this program you will not only have the fitness and skills you’ve always dreamed of but also the knowledge to apply these newly learned principals to any health or fitness goal you have in the future. This is a premium package and a TrailWorks exclusive offering. There are only three of these packages offered per year with a cap of 10 people per package. Each Ride Anything Premium package lasts 16 weeks in duration.


What is it and who is it for

This 4 month program is for those that wish to make enormous gains with their riding skills set, health and fitness and those who wish to learn how to use their equipment like a pro! This program is for a multitude of rider levels. Whether you are just starting out or you're an athlete who wants to get to the top as quickly and efficiently as possible, this is the package for you. Get your nutrition, training, recovery and skills to surpass the masses. Learn about underground techniques and products for optimum recovery and performance. Included is everything you need to know to cut through the mediocrity.

What's included

  • Custom training plans - build endurance, strength, speed and power with a huge emphasis on your riding technique
  • Personally tried and true supplements - even if you eat a clean, fully organic diet, these give you an extra edge*
  • Riding technique, weight lifting, and other workout technique videos - to show training form for the exercises you’ll be participating in
  • Receive riding workouts - build Vo2max and increase your power output
  • Access to a private forum - only you and the 9 other premium package members have access
  • A week long destination camp - really hone your riding technique and make huge gains as we concentrate solely on riding style, efficiency and the ability to ride virtually anything
  • Techniques for the building blocks of lifetime of amazing riding

tell me more about the destination camp 

This 4 month program boasts a week long destination camp in the beginning of the fourth month (you must be present).  At this point in the training you will have made immense fitness and technique gains. At camp, you will meet the other members of the team face to face to ride. During this amazing week, we really hone your riding technique, focusing on ability to ride virtually anything.

The camp's destination will be based on the time of year you sign up for the program. For example: You won’t be riding in New England in the dead of winter. How about Sedona AZ! Nor will you be in the dessert in the dead of summer.

The week skills camp includes food, lodging, and enough skills to make your brain (and body) beg for a break.

Why do we have training before the camp?

After years of teaching skills one of the biggest things I heard from people is that they were so tired after one four hour skills clinic. I also saw that while skills were increasing, the rider's ability was stunted do to the lack of mountain bike specific fitness. Even riders who could ride a century or two in a day were exhausted after a clinic or single technical ride. I thought it would be great for people to be prepared and ready to go, for when the big week came.

Riding virtually anything is about combining skills and fitness in a particular way. This is what TrailWorks ride anything program has created. Get years ahead of your friends or competitors with quick progressive training and fitness. What you learn in this program can be applied to just about any fitness goal you’ll ever have.

How to join

Like mentioned above, the Ride Anything Premium program is very exclusive and not everyone gets accepted into the program. The first step is to fill out the application. Applications are then read through and hand selected for the team. If for some reason you’re not accepted please understand that it isn’t personal and its most likely due to the volume of applicants. If not selected there are other options available that we can walk you through. This program is kept to low numbers because great focus on your success is mandatory if we are to accomplish what it is that I am promising you. Upon acceptance into the program, you will be sent a care package of nutrition and fitness products. You will receive your training schedule in a downloadable pdf file. You will gain access to downloadable and printable training log sheets. You will gain instant access to a private forum where you can ask questions on anything ride/fitness related. You’ll be able speak with the other members of the program. You can share workout success stories, keep each other motivated, share things you found helpful and request new ways to make the program even better.

How much does it cost?

$6,000 (and the priceless ability to ride anything!)


PLEASE NOTE: TrailWorks takes a very health conscious and holistic approach to health and fitness. We believe strongly in longevity. The most holistic approach to health, fitness and performance, is taken here, therefore any products sent or recommended are of the purest most natural ingredients that work with your body to fill a nutrition gap. No illegal substances welcome. Everything is WADA approved and is in the best interest of health even over performance. TrailWorks wants to see everyone partake in a healthy long lasting athletic lifestyle.